There are many persons in Uganda qualified to study Civil and Building Engineering and this number has increased over the years.  Many high school leavers with good grades have not been absorbed in the existing Universities due to limited vacancies.  Further, craftsmen and women with advanced certificates in Civil and Building Engineering trades have need to advance their career in order to have a broader knowledge of the profession and be better equipped with knowledge and experience in the field.  The Diploma in Civil and Building Engineering has been designed to do that.

Kyambogo University offers this opportunity and there is great need to utilise the opportunity to provide this programme to enhance Uganda’s modernisation.

Target Group

The targeted group includes holders of:

  • Advanced Level Certificate of Education;
  • Advanced/Full Technological Certificates in Engineering and other related Science and Technology fields;
  • Diplomas in Engineering and other related Science and Technology fields;
  • Degrees in the Physical Sciences.

Programme Objectives

The objectives of the programme are to:

  • produce engineering technicians who are well equipped in theoretical and practical technical skills to manage the construction industry;
  • train people who will be able to advance in higher education, research and development;
  • train personnel to work in government and private institutions;
  • train personnel who will conserve the environment and maintain public health.

Admission to the Diploma in Civil and Building Engineering shall be done in accordance with the Kyambogo University procedures and regulations.

In addition, a candidate shall be eligible for admission to the programme on meeting any of the following minimum qualifications:

a) At least One Principal Pass in either Physics or Mathematics from the Advanced Level Examinations or its equivalent. For purposes of computing entry points, the advanced level subjects shall be classified as follows:

Essential – Physics and any one of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics

Relevant – Chemistry, Economics, Technical Drawing, Applied or Pure Mathematics

Desirable – General Paper, Any other technical subject

(b) At least a Credit Advanced Certificate from a recognised institution in any of the following fields:

  • Block laying and Concrete Practice;
  • Carpentry and Joinery;
  • Plumbing;
  • Any other Engineering field as approved by the Kyambogo University Senate.

(c) Those with Pass Advanced Certificates but with proven practical experience of at least three years after graduation may be considered;

  • Diploma in an Engineering or Science and Technology field from a recognised institution;
  • Bachelor’s degree in the Physical Sciences;
  • Through the Mature Age Entry Scheme.

Duration of the Programme

The Diploma in Civil and Building Engineering is a full-time programme of a duration of Four Semesters.

Each academic year shall consist of two (2) semesters and a recess term for Industrial Training.  Each semester shall consist of seventeen (17) weeks; fifteen (15) weeks of teaching and two (2) weeks of examination.  Each recess term shall be ten (10) weeks.

One contact hour (CH) shall be equivalent to one (1) lecture/tutorial hour (L) or two (2) practical/laboratory hours (P) or eight (8) hours of Industrial Training.  A series of fifteen (15) contact hours shall be equivalent to one credit unit (CU).

By the end of the programme, learners should be able to:

  • put into practice the theoretical and practical aspects of Construction Technology;
  • assist in the execution of Construction projects by working for and with other partners or by self-employment;
  • assist in the management and supervision of construction projects;
  • impart the acquired knowledge and skills to other interested persons.